OK, our wiki is beginning, like every other wiki. Every wiki must have a beginning, yes? But is it progessing like those every other wiki that have much sucess? No, it's not progressing much. Thus, we have a to do list:

  • We need to plan and figure out who our team/staff members are for the wiki whole.
  • Figure out how to get more users. Perhaps alliances? But likely wikis won't accept alliances with wikis like these, so we need to start working hard. :D
  • It's either we all start working on one language first or one can do this language, this does another, etc.
  • JSYK, these are the languages we are planning to teach, so we can plan from there.
    • HTML, HTML5 / CSS, CSS3
    • jQuery / JavaScript
    • HTML DOM
    • MediaWiki and Wikia Markup
    • PHP
    • Python
    • API
    • Ruby
    • XML
    • XSLT (If we can we'll try to expand to even more XML Languages)